The Good Detective


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Air Date: Jul 06, 2020

Status: Completed

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Kang Do-Chang (Son Hyun-Joo) has worked as a detective for the past 18 years. He investigates cases using his experience and personal connections, forgoing scientific technique, or reasoning power.

Oh Ji-Hyeok (Jang Seung-Jo) is an elite detective. He has 9 years of experience. Unlike Kang Do-Chang, he investigates cases using evidence and insight into the criminal’s psyche. Due to trauma from his childhood, he does not share his feelings. He is wealthy thanks to his late uncle, who left him with a large inheritance.

Jin Seo-Kyung (Lee Elijah) works as a newspaper reporter. She is a 5-year veteran and passionate about her work.

Also known as: 모범형사 사일런스 Mobeom Hyeongsa Mobeomhyungsa Silent Silence A Model Detective Model Detective

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  1. Wrong upload of drama ep 14 of was it love was playing 8nstead of ep 14 of the good detective. Kindly fix thank you

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