Save Me 2 (2019)


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Status: Completed

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The story takes place in a small rural viliage that to be flooded to make way for the construction of a new dam. The villagers have placed their faith in Choi Gyung Seok, a church’s elder who promises to build a new housing development where they will all be able to live together. He also says that only 144,000 people can go to heaven, and that church offerings are mandatory if one wants to “secure their spot.” Even the town’s much-revered Reverend Sung approves of Choi’s plans. Kim Min Chol returns to his native village Vonchuri after serving in prison, and realizes that the locals have fallen victim to the fake religion started by Choi Kyon Sok ( Chong Ho Jin ). His sister, Kim Yong Son (Esom), can also fall into the hands of a sect.

Also known as:Rescue Me 2

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