Matrimonial Chaos


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A romantic comedy that explores the different thoughts of men and women in their thirties about love, marriage and family.

Cha Tae Hyun will play the stubborn Jo Seok Moo, who dreamed of becoming a musican but ended up working at a security service company. He prefers loneliness to being social.

Bae Doo Na will play Jo Seok Moo’s wife, Kang Hwi Ru. Unlike her husband, Hwi Ru is easy-going and enjoys spending time with people. Sometimes she can be restless and hasty, but also optimistic and charming.

Lee Ei will play the role of the first love of Jo Seok Moo, Jin Yoo Yeong, who is an unbalanced introvert.

Son Seok Koo will play the mysterious Lee Jang Hyun. It is difficult for people to understand his thoughts, but he is always popular among women.

A remake of the 2013 Japanese drama of the same name .

Also known as:The Best Divorce / The Greatest Divorce / 최고의 이혼

Matrimonial Chaos trailer


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