FengShui (2018)


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Status: Completed


Myung Dang (an ideal spot) could change someone’s destiny. The one that occupies the site would rule the world. One’s ancestors’ tomb spot could change one’s destiny. Jae Sang, a prodigal geomancer, loses his family while trying to stop the Kim family from conquering Korea by getting their hands on all the propitious tomb spots. 13 years later, Heung Sun from a fallen royal family comes to Jae Sang and suggests ousting the Kim family from power. The two men decide to work together, but they soon reach conflict when they learn of a tomb spot that would produce two kings in a family. (Source: CJ Entertainment)

Also known as:Myungdang , Grave Site , Great Site , Fengshui , Auspicious Grave Site , Auspicious Grave , Propitious Site for Grave

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