Fall in Love with My Trouble



Release Year:

Status: Completed


After a failed one-night stand, the bold woman secretly left, leaving behind a provocative message with a lipstick mark. The man, however, swore to find this woman. The next day, all the major media outlets released a ’Wanted’ notification at the same time. Tong Tian Ai was on her phone when she saw the notification, which made her face turn completely red. “Qin Jin Yang… the Qin Association President…“ Because of that lipstick mark, she had become the Chief Executive. (Source: Baka-Updates Manga) ~~ Adapted from the web comic “Fall in Love with My Trouble” (惹上首席总裁) by Yoolook (有鹿文化) and Li Zhi Zi Zi (荔枝吱吱).

Also known as: 惹上首席BOSS 第一季 , Re Shang Shou Xi Boss Di Yi Ji , Ye Seung Sau Jik Boss Dai Yat Gwai

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