Crash Landing on You


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Crash Landing on You follows the story of Yoon Se Ri, who is the daughter of a wealthy family in South Korea. Her routine life goes for a toss when she ends up on the other side of North Korea. She was paragliding that day and due to bad winds she crash landed her glider. Knowing she will have to face severe consequences upon arrest, a North Korean guard (Ri Jung Hyuk) manning the border comes quickly to her rescue by protecting her from the other guards which evolves into a journey filled with of risks and consequences.

Ri Jung Hyuk starts falling for Yoon Se Ri during the course of the journey.

Also known as: 사랑의 불시착 / Salangui Bulsichag / Sarangui Bulsichag / Breakdown of Love / The Crash of Love / Crash Landing Of Love / Love’s Crash Landing / Love’s Emergency Landing / Emergency Love Landing

Crash Landing on You trailer

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  1. What’s happening?!!! where’s the continuation of ep. 11 and 12?! please????!!!!!!

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