Backstreet Rookie Episode 4

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Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching Backstreet Rookie Episode 4 with english subtitles.

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6 Comments to “Backstreet Rookie Episode 4

  1. i love this drama, light-hearted and easy to watch, both funny and zany. Both leads are nailing the characters. They look good together, the chemistry is so obvious and their VISUALs is to be jealous for.

  2. OMG Jang Ryong and Ssongsak face-off!!! They are reliving their The Fiery Priest characters. ‘Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers’ And ‘A tiger who protects his king’ made a comeback!!!! Haha~

  3. Omg episode 4 made me want to see Fiery Priest again. Loved Ahn Chang Hwan’s cameo. That showdown scene was awesome to watch. lol

  4. I don’t necessarily hate the girlfriend, but if she were to be choking on a lemon or something while I was watching TV, I wouldn’t bother standing up.

    Damn, the actress is bomb.

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