Arthdal Chronicles


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Status: Completed

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Born under the portentous sign, Eun Som is a cursed child of the Blue Stone Village, but later, he conquered Aseudal and made it an Empire from a small city-state. Another protagonist, Ta Gon is not only a Saenyeok Tribe’s war hero but also a master of strategy. His motive is to become the first King of Aseudal. Eun Som’s love, Tan Ya, also born under the cursed sign, but she overcomes every misfortune and catastrophe to become Aseudal’s first female politician.

Also known as:Aseudal Yeondaegi 아스달 연대기 / The Chronicles of Aseudal<


21 Replies to “Arthdal Chronicles

  1. To everyone asking for the next episode!!
    The show is divided in three parts and the 3rd part will only be broadcasted in september. Until then we’ll have to wait :'(

  2. Waiiit no more than 18ep??
    What happen next??
    How can it be like that, it needs a continue right??

    1. yeah. all of the sudden no new episodes again. why like that! its not funny anymore its annoying already!!!

  3. oh my god… why like that all of the sudden no new episodes again.. nakakainis na talaga binibitin ang mga viewers. its not funny anynore!!! its annoying already!!!!

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