A House on the Slope (Saka no Tochu no Ie)


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Status: Ongoing

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The drama revolves around a married woman named Yamazaki Risako. She is married to Yoichiro and they have a 3-year-old daughter. By chance, she becomes an alternate member of the jury for a criminal case. The defendant is a housewife who is the same age as Risako. She is on trial for causing the death of her 8-month-old daughter by dropping her into the bathtub. As a mother herself, Risako feels repulsed that Mizuho killed her own child. However, after the trial opens, Mizuho’s circumstances remind Risako of her own past and she soon becomes confused with the chaotic feelings that have lain dormant in her.

Also known as: Saka no Tochuu no Ie

A House on the Slope (Saka no Tochu no Ie) full episodes

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