Tunnel of Love: The Place for Miracles (2015)


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Status: Completed


20 years ago, Kei, a 23 year-old highschool teacher, fell for a student, Hitoha, a beautiful girl, but lost her from a tragic car accident. He’s now a middle aged factory worker who has just quit the job to visit Klavan in Ukraine. There lies a beautiful railway called Tunnel Of Love, where people say you can meet with your deceased beloved one. A freight transport runs once a day and it is said that the train takes someone you wish to meet.

Also known as: クレヴァニ、愛のトンネル , Klevan, Tunnel of Love – The Place for Miracles , Klevani: Ai no Tunnel , Kurevani, Ai no Tonneru

Tunnel of Love: The Place for Miracles (2015) full episodes

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