The King of Blaze


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Status: Completed

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This romantic story is about the courageous and brave Fire and Wind Gods who are willing to surrender their very existence to protect their world and keep the peace. This story begins a few millenniums ago on a remarkable planet where the Gods of Fire, Wind, and Mountain lived and helped maintain peace and harmony. Then one day, the Wind God disappears without a trace after saving Fire God from the forces of evil that threatened their sense of peace. Fire embarks on the ultimate journey to seek out another source of energy to save their planet. In order to do this, Fire finds himself in the Tang Dynasty. A romance is struck when he meets an unexpected character who bears a striking resemblance to his beloved, the God of Wind.

Also known as:火王之破晓之战 / Huo Wang Zhi Po Xiao Zhi Zhan / 电视剧火王 / Dian Shi Ju Huo Wang

The King of Blaze trailer

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