The Crowned Clown


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Inspired from “The Prince and the Pauper,” it’s the story of a clown, Ha Sun, who becomes the King of Joseon because of his unusually identical looks with King Lee Hun. He is then brought to the palace to avoid King’s assassination as Joseon is in a state of political instability.

Ha Sun’s parents died during an epidemic when he was only a toddler. Ha Sun almost died because of starvation, but luckily, he got saved by a bunch of clowns. Later, he started living with them and learned all the tricks to become one of them. Ha Sun would play Joseon’s King Lee Hun during the performance, but he feels extremely nervous of being caught red-handed. During his stay in the palace, he falls for the Queen Yoo So Woon.

Also known as:Gwanghae, Wangyidoen Namja , Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King , Masquerade , Wangyi Doen Namja 왕이 된 남자 The Crowned Clown

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