Suits 2018 (Japan Drama)


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Release Year:

Status: Completed


Kai Shogo (Oda Yuji) is an excellent lawyer who works at one of the biggest law firms in Japan. He’s an arrogent man who believes that one should win a case at any cost. His mentality concerns his boss and he’s asked to team up with a young lauwer as a condition for him becoming a senior partner. Kai Shogo agrees and hires a young man named suzuki Daiki (Nakajima Yuto).

Suzuki Daiki loses his parents at a young age and works a variety of odd jobs to support his grandmother. He gets kicked out of school and is barred from taking the bar exam for taking the University Entrance exam for others. When his grandmother’s health takes a turn for the worse, he is desperately in need of money. That’s when he meets Shogo Kai and his life changes forever.Also known as:スーツ

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