Psychopath Diary


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Yook Dong-Sik (Yoon Si-Yoon) works at a brokerage company who has a weak and timid personality. One day, he discovered the killer’s diary, which changes his life completely. Sim Bo-Kyung’s (Jung In-Sun) is a young woman who followed in the footsteps of her detective father and became a police officer. Seeing her father lose everything due to one single mistake, she decides to leave her dreams behind and live in the moment. She accidentally knocks down Yook Dong-Sik, causing him lose his memory.Seo In-Woo (Park Sung-Hoon) is a serial killer, a cruel and meticulous character who, as it turned out, works as the director of the company where Yook Dong-Sik works.

Airs from 11/20/2019 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:00

Also known as: 싸이코패스 다이어리 / Ssaikopaeseu Daieoli

Psychopath Diary trailer

6 Comments to “Psychopath Diary

  1. Why is no one talking about this drama? No commentd at all? It’s really nice and interesting! I mean the title psychopath diary says a lot. I’m not into the female actor but its fine.

  2. I love it too is very different from what i usually watch and its very funny how everything just fits perfectly lol…

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