Mumon -The Land of Stealth 2017


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MUMON: The Land of Stealth (2017) Raised suckling poison arrows among the sparring Iga ninja factions, Mumon (Satoshi Ohno, of idol group Arashi) is a carefree 16th-century mercenary. When the ninja council makes a power play to defeat the young Nobukatsu Oda struggling to step into… IMDB Rating: 9.3/10 (1383 votes) tt5769414 461211 Released: 01 Jul 2017 (7 months ago) Runtime: 125 Mins Genre: Action Romance War Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese Directed By: Yoshihiro Nakamura Actors: Satoshi Ohno Satomi Ishihara Yusuke Iseya Ryohei Suzuki Yuri Chinen Makita Sports Yuna Taira Shinnosuke Mitsushima Denden KitarĂ´ Danshun Tatekawa Jun Kunimura

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