Mengfei Comes Across


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Status: Completed

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Bo Meng, daughter of a prominent public official during the Sui Dynasty, enters the palace as a concubine for the emperor. Before entering palace, she has read a lot of books about the lies and intrigues surrounding the imperial family and understands that if she draws attention to herself, she will be drawn into palace intrigues. Therefore she begins to do everything possible to avoid the emperor. But all her efforts are in vain. The truth is, the emperor is bored with women who are trying with all their tricks to attract his attention, and when he meets Bu Meng he immidiately becomes attracted. He starts to purposely create opportunities for them to meet that are brushed away by Bu Meng. Not until a chance encounter outside the palace does she begin to see the emperor’s many good and lovable sides

Also known as:萌妃驾到, Lady Meng is Here, Consort Meng Arrives/Meng Fei Jia Dao

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