Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Fatal Novel (2019)


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“Forensic Doctor Qin Ming’s Fatal Novel” is one of the three major network movies in the series of “Forensic Qin Ming”, with Chang Bin as the chief producer, Wang Juan as the chief planner, and Shi Yue directed. Huo Yanan, Feng Li, Yang Zitong and other stars. With Longfan City as the story background, it mainly tells that the successive murders in Longfan City are exactly the same as the killing method of a suspense novel serialized on the Internet. “Slow, doubt” is based on the crime. When all the clues point to Qin Ming high school classmate Fang Chi (Feng Li), Qin Ming’s first love Han Yue (Yang Zitong) also seems to be in danger

Also known as: 法医秦明之致命小说, 法医秦明之只如初见

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Fatal Novel (2019) full episodes

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