Love Alarm Episode 8

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Dear Asian drama fans, you're watching Love Alarm Episode 8 with english subtitles.

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15 Replies to “Love Alarm Episode 8

  1. Are they mad or what depending upon an app they will decide their feelings so stupid what is that idiotic ending 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    1. I thought the same at the beginning but it’s more than that, this app shows your true feelings so it’s like a fantasy thing, is not just an app

  2. The conclution it in season 2 for sure so many mistery unanswered. And i hipe in season 2 the actors will be the same

  3. After wtching ep2. I end up reading comment hir in ep8 and im so dissapointed. She really end up with tht stlker like guy? Lead roles interact more often than lead2supporting role.after wthcing 2 episodes. Im pretty sure tht hyeyoung is the suporting role.their only interaction in 2 episodes is 1 scene wher jojo talk 2 him about a customer.sun o and jojo interact like 2 lead roles. Ok im done with 2 episodes. I quit

    1. she didn’t end up with anyone in the end, it was an unfinished ending, it just ended with her standing in between the two guys. It will continue in season two, and then we can find out who she goes with. Also I wouldn’t call him a stalker guy, cause he didn’t stalk her, and also if you watched the rest of the series youd learn that the other guy is worse of a person, like hes not terrible and I still like him, but hes not perfect, so i think the guy your calling a stalker guy, is a much better person. And please don’t make a judgement on a show based on two episodes.

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