Legend of Ban Shu


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Status: Completed

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Set during the Eastern Han dynasty, the story about Ban Shu, the daughter of governor Ban Chao. As a child, she was separated from her father and grew up with her mother in the west frontier. After her mom’s death, Ban Shu travels to the Han capital to meet her father but he passed away before they could be reunited. The Ban family does not accept her, calling her wild and unworthy of their pedigree. She manages to enter the palace to learns noble lady etiquette and she is hired to be a royal teacher. In the palace she meets Wei Ying, a former general degraded to a teacher. Soon they fall in love with each other. However, one day, Wei Ying’s missing bride suddenly returns and he has a difficult choice to make.

Also known as:班淑传奇 / Ban Shu Chuan Qi

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