Just an Encore


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Status: Completed


A campus drama about friendship, young love and growth.

Yan Ze and Gu Xi Ye are stepsisters and best friends who study in the same class. Yan Ze is an ordinary girl who has always lived quietly in the shadow of her sister Xi Ye, who is not only beautiful, but also a top student. The two girls live a peaceful life until Yan Ze secretly falls in love with Ji Xiao, the most handsome and popular boy at her school. When Yan Ze finds out that Ji Xiao might like Xi Ye, her restrained negative emotions towards Xi Ye only become stronger until she explodes.

The situation is changed when transfer student He Xin Liang enters Yan Ze’s life. He sees through Yan Ze and always shows up when Yan Ze is at her lowest point to cheer her up. Right when the two develop feelings for each other, Xi Ye is found to be secretly in love with Xin Liang.

Also known as: 8 minutes of heat / 八分钟的温暖

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