6-Byoukan no Kiseki: Hanabishi Mochizuki Seitaro no Yuutsu (2023)


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Status: Ongoing

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This drama focuses on the fireworks industry, which is suffering from a decline in events due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Mochizuki Fireworks Store” is a fireworks store that has been running for generations. Mochizuki Kou is the fourth generation owner who passes away at the age of 80, leaving his son Seitaro alone and at a loss for words. Few months later, Kou, who was supposed to be dead, appears in front of Seitaro as if he is still alive. This is a heartwarming fantasy, depicting the mysterious daily life of the father and son fireworks masters.

Director: Fujita Meiji [藤田明二] and Hajime Takezono [竹園元]

Also known as: 6秒間の軌跡~花火師・望月星太郎の憂鬱 ろくびょうかんのきせき はなびし もちづきせいたろうのゆううつ 6-Byoukan no Kiseki Hanabishi Mochizuki Seitarou no Yuutsu 6-second Trajectory: Fireworks Expert Mochizuki Seitaro’s Melancholy

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